How the Program Works

How the Program Works

The educators base the learning program on the Early Years Learning Framework which is a national curriculum framework  developed by the Council of Australian Government (COAG) in 2009.

The educators use the following learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework  to observe and document each child’s overall development with a strong emphasis on play based learning as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning and provides the most appropriate stimulus for brain development.

Children will have a strong sense of identity

Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Children are Confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators

The educators observe the children’s interactions, interests and understanding of concepts, skills and knowledge by listening, watching and talking with each child. These observations are used to plan and provide experiences which will consolidate their skills and allow the children to expand upon their knowledge base in a supportive and meaningful environment. Not all children will be interested in the same things or be at the same level of learning so a variety of activities and experiences are provided to allow each child to explore and learn at their own level and pace.

The children are encouraged to assert themselves, develop independence and self-help skills, function within a group, take turns and work co-operatively and productively with their peers. This is done both formally and informally within the daily routine with each experience providing learning potential for the development of skills, ideas, knowledge and concepts. Concepts such as pen grip, drawing, cutting, sorting and classification, problem solving, construction, literacy, numeracy, listening and communication skills.

Detailed summaries of each child’s development often known as portfolios are kept and contain photos, observations, learning stories and samples of work. These look at the five learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework and show the child’s progress throughout the year. These are available for you to view and discuss with the educators throughout the year and will be our gift for you at the end of the year, a lovely record of your child’s time at Cherrybrook Community Pre-school to share with your family and friends.

The events, interests and topics discussed each day are documented in the daily photo diary with photos and a brief description. All the photos of the day are viewed in a slide show on the screen at the sign-in desk each day. This allows parents to view their child involved in the daily routine and assists you when discussing the day with your child.

School readiness – Educators look at the overall development of each child and within the daily program include concepts, skills, knowledge and behaviours that prepare your child for functioning within the school environment. The use of technology and worksheets to aid learning including literacy and numeracy are included in the program.

We value parent input into the program and relating information about your child to the educators. We enjoy hearing about your child, their interests, fears, learning styles and stage of development and the special events you’ve shared over the weekends. Please feel free to communicate these with the educators at any time.