Our Program


  • Staff view children, of any age, as having strengths, abilities and interests, and learn through positive relationships. Staff support children to develop relationships which enable them to work together and to actively contribute to their learning experiences and outcomes. Our emphasis is on children learning together through social interactions, rather than learning individually and in isolation from others. Staff also support children to appreciate our differences, to respect and value each person for who they are, and incorporate each person’s cultural background into their learning.
  • Our staff observe children’s interactions, interests and their understanding of concepts, skills and knowledge. These observations are used to provide experiences which will consolidate each child’s skills and allow them to expand upon their knowledge in a supportive and meaningful environment. Not all children will be interested in the same things, or be at the same level of learning, at the same time, so a variety of activities are provided to allow children to explore and learn at their own level and pace.
  • Indoor and outdoor environments provide opportunities to enhance each child’s learning and development. Experiences will have expected and unexpected outcomes that will influence the relationships and interactions between children, between children and adults and between children and their environment.
  • A rich array of materials are available to promote, maintain and re-kindle interests that actively involve children in contributing to their own learning.
  • Provision of flexible routines that allows for expected and unexpected outcomes and facilitates the overall development of each child.
  • Children have equal opportunities for involvement in all aspects of the program.